About us

Founded in 2005, KMPK Company has built a solid reputation for market excellence, quality, stability and innovative leadership in the Albanian marketplace, thanks to over 30 years of experience inherited from the Italian carpentry, from which are imported machinery and technology. The qualified personnel capable of managing the technical, economic and scientific plan as well as other staff. It’s the strategy that allows us to possess the strong financial credentials and the stability to build long-term partnerships with our customers and offer them a full range of diversified construction services while offering a safe and progressive work environment for our employees.

Today we are one of the largest heavy and semi heavy metal construction in the country. Located in a strategic position, right in main highway linking the capital to the north of Albania, only 3 Km from Mother Teresa Airport and 15 Km from the most important port of the country, the port of Durres, this site provides communications easily as the circulation goods and raw materials, as well as orders and products for all types of transport such as land, rail, sea or air. In an area of about 10'000sqm up a major facility of 4000sqm that consists of two powerful units with excellent space for the manufacturing of metal components. Height of the departments reaches up to 13 m, while it under the bearings pendant reaches up to 9 m. Facilities include five lifting units with a capacity rise 3.2, 6.5 and 10 ton cranes and other assistance to facilitate the operation of processing materials. Everything developed in harmony in accordance with the scheme of movement of materials, since the raw materials to the final product. In the Site nothing is missing, ranging from electricity (through the network and generators), water technology, telephony, fax and Internet.

Company profile

KMPK profile is of a heavy and semi heavy metal carpentry able to solve problems of:
  • Design thanks to qualified personnel capable of managing the technical plan, as well as the use of a high technology and current programs in the field of design.
  • Manufacturing and Assembling thanks to the up to date machineries and technology used for the manufacture of metal structures and thanks to a qualified staff, which is capable of realize the structure in the manufacturing stage from the projection being followed by assembling to make the project reality.
  • The repair and reconstruction of facilities and the assembling of equipment, machineries, and complete lines, in various fields and industries in the domestic market and international as well.

Vision & Mission

To be recognized as the most reliable and innovative steel Construction Company in the Balkan region.
Our mission is to bring quality and high technology products that we offer in order to help our clients to give life to their projects. Considering our activity not just a product but a service, our employees are dedicated to customer service starting from preparation of financial bids until the last detail of the construction.


At the core of KMPK strategy are our values and our strong code of ethics. The discipline and the processes KMPK’s strategy focus primarily on strategic planning, innovation, customer excellence, talent development, portfolio management and operational excellence. This operational management system allows us to best implement our strategy and provides a common language for the entire KMPK’s team.


The quality of our work is guaranteed by the prestigious company CDQ Italy, which certifies our conformity to international ISO standards. Our company is certified with UNI-EN-ISO 9001 which certifies the quality of the work, UNI-EN-ISO 18001 which certifies the security in the workplace, as well as EN-1090-1 CE marking the resistance and security of the products that we offer.

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